Hi Adik.
Im with you right now, at the hospital. Its just us. But I miss you.

I miss your smile. I miss your laugh. I miss you gripping my finger when I put it in your hands. I miss your movemenf.

You use to turn your head to the direction where I am. You will seek for someone you know when you feel alone. You used to be alert when you hear our voices. You dont anymore.

Adik, you dont turn your head towards me when I call your name. You dont smile when I sing to you. Nothing at all.

There's no sparkle in your eyes. Are you in pain adik? Do you not know me? Dont you remember me?

I remember once I called you and sing the birthday song for you. When I didnt hear you laughing or making any sound at all, my heart breaks. I cried after hanging up the phone.

This time, you're right in front of me when I sing to you. And there's no recognition in your eyes. I forced myself not to tear up many times Adik. This is a really trying time for us, but we'll make it through. InsyaAllah.

Get well soon sayang. I miss you.
Love, Kakak.

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  1. oh hani,kudos for zamil.u and family;(
    moga dia kuat,kalian pon kuat,


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