I don't know where to start. I don't know how to explain.
The time it all happened.
Us rushing to the clinic and hospital.
The car ride that felt like the longest.
The long wait at ER.
The first time I get to see him after waiting for hours.
Him in the ICU. Tak tahu.

Adik is currently in ICU at Ampang Hospital. He had seizure 2 nights back. It was sudden. Usually we will just wait for his fits to subside. But that morning it didn't. Instead, it didn't stop. After a few times sawan nonstop (only with few minutes gaps) his temperature escalated. So we went to the clinic and get fever medication for him. But the fits attack still didn't stop.

That car ride was terrible. Roads were clear, we know where we are going. But the distance seems so far away. And Adik's heavy breathing scared us. Abah actually have accepted the fate if he were to go during the journey, in the car, only 4 of us.

Nasib baik we got the medical assistance he needed. They held him for hours at the ER's red zone. Running check ups for him, monitoring him, waiting for his seizure to stop. The medication didn't help at first. Even under medication, half conscious, he's still having fits. 4am to 2pm. 8 hours. Imagine that.

They finally moved him to ICU after that. The first time I get to see him, with wires, tubes and machines surrounding him...I can't hold it. But I know he's under good hands. During the fits, oxygen did not reach his brain. So more brain cells are found to be dead, adding to his already damaged brain. The fluids in his stomach including gastric juice went to his lungs. Suffocating him. His blood pressure went down, very low and at a very dangerous rate.

The ultimatum that the doctors gave was to put tube into him to suck out the fluids from his lungs so he can breath properly again with the risk of the medication given to him to assist the procedure bringing down his blood pressure lower and his whole body shutting down OR let him drown.

Thankfully he survived the procedure and is still fighting. He's machine supported for oxygen, being fed through the tubes, under various medication but we are grateful he's getting the attention he needs. InsyaAllah everything will be okay.

I try not to think of the bad things that might happen. Blocking it out. If any of you know me enough, you'll know I'm an emotional person. I cry watching sad TVCs. But I refuse to be as emotional while facing this. Mama and Abah broke down few times already. I don't want to trigger it. After all, we have so much love, support and generousity of others to doa for Adik. We'll pull through. InsyaAllah.

Thank you for your prayers and sharing our hard time with you. Thank you. We only have appreciation and gratitude to give back. We ask for Allah to return your kindness. Thank You.

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  1. i'll pray for his health. i know how it is when this kind of things happened. in the last week i lost two important people in my life. i wish him the best, and make him fight it. make him fight to live. may Allah help him have a long life to live.

  2. bnykkan doa dan banykkan bersabar yee


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