You're almost too real for me


I know this is sad.
Almost too sad to be written or read.
But I think I'm sucked in this 2PM fandom a bit too much already.
So I need this to be written for myself.
To snap back to reality.

How can I miss them boys so much not even 24 hours after attending their concert?
Oh yeah, I lost my voice about a week because of their Hands Up concert. No kidding.

But really. Taecyeon is just too damn real!
I always think he looks like someone I know.
He speaks like someone I've spoken to.
He acts like someone I'm so used to spend time with.
He's real, but I've only watched him on screen (and only one time live).

Why is he so real to me?
The other 5 doesn't seem to have the same effect.
Just him.


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