Not mine in my life to cherish and adore


When a heart breaks, the one who broke it almost never know they did it.
Almost never hear it shatters.
Almost never see the shed tears.
Almost never smell the fears.
Because all of it almost never appear.

I am here to tell you I don't want to go back to where I was.
I don't want to be placed as an option. I don't want to be put there.
Not again, not anymore.
I will definitely quote Beyonce on this one,
"Since I'm not your everything, how about I be nothing to you?"
 because I know things will be better then. I WILL BE BETTER!

You are lucky.
You always get to me when I am in my vulnerable state.
You don't even know that I am at a point when I needed someone.
When I actually need you.
But your luck brings you to find me.
And then you manipulate.
No. I allow myself to be manipulated.
No more. I will resist from now on.

One call is enough for me to fall back in. And its hard to crawl back out.
Why don't you just be happy with your own life?
And when you're not, please don't come find me.
I'm tired.

You have always seen me as someone to fall back to. Your plan B.
What's stupid is, I've always put you as my priority..

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