And so I shall blog


Because again, no one is around.
Except for myself and the new AD.

I love the new AD. She's so warm and chatty and friendly. I managed to be open to her on her first day compared to the others in my one month here. Since she shared her experienced working abroad (NZ omaigod!), I shared my internship experience and my yearning to have more work piled on my table.

So she talked to the guys who I've been reporting to (since they report to her now) and she agreed to include me on her team eventhough my supervisor is working on another account. Well, I have been helping out with their account anyways.

And yesterday, all of the sudden everyone in my department started to ask me to do things for them. THANK YOU! That really gave me the satisfaction after being here for a month. I am not going to be a workaholic am I? Well I do sound like I have the tendency to be one. I am not going to be one right? Right?

I'm grateful that the new lady sheriff is in town and in charge! Hopefully my final month here will bear some fruit. I don't care if its local or imported fruit, as long its fruitful. Eh papelah! Things seems so much better after she joined the team. The department starts to warm up to me as well. 1 whole month and baru sekarang. And I am one of the friendliest person around! Tsk..tsk.

Im gonna make this last 4 weeks a memorable experience for myself walaupun munkin will not effect much on the agency's side. Keep the positivity alive!!!

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  1. i dah open but there's not much of a difference~i have my task to do but i wished it's a piled up work too~but now i think i'm demotivated d because not much effort has been done~


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