Harini balik kerja patutnya ada family dinner, tapi sebab Im late..akhirnya Abah pergi beli bungkus. Macam biasa, Since Mama wanted dimsum, we (Abah and I) went to Abdullah Chan to tapau. I walked in alone while Abah went to park the car. Since nobody was there to attend to me, I ambik sendiri menu and start walking to the table nearest to the counter.

Halfway there, a couple who were seated started signalling for me to look at them. I turned to them and the boyfriend mouthed "nak order". I just shook my head and walked straight ahead. I sat myself and a waitress came to me. So I told her that that guy wants to place his order. Bila pusing pandang the couple, yang boyfriend tengah tunduk malu gosok-gosok kepala. And the girlfriend was laughing hysterically while patting the boyfriend.

Aih. Fail! Kan termalu dah. Diorang lah malu. I okay je. Mentang-mentang korang makan kat Chinese Muslim restaurant, aku pun korang ingat kerja kat situ lah eh?

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  1. hahaha.sabar jelaa nyonya. aku harap kau tabah lalui dugaan2 camni dlm hidup.hihi


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