Stop judging


I am not typical enough to blend in with the ___________.
And I have high level of self restraint to be one of the ____________.
Here, I'm ___________ by birth. But ________-less by mentality.

I have a whole other post WITHOUT the censorship. Tapi sebab mentaliti, tak dapat lah nak post. Nanti ada je yang use it against me. Hold grudges or create a certain perception that is soooo far off from the reality. I am so sick of it. SO DAMN SICK.

Tak boleh kan kalau orang lain sikit. Kalau orang stand out sikit. Eh tak boleh! Culture kita memang macam tu. Semua orang kalau boleh nak orang lain selain dirinya jadi katak bawah tempurung. God! Enough is enough.

That's why I will never belong here.

Except with them. Because we go to our own world whenever we're together.

Dan a handful of others yang boleh jadi diri sendiri tanpa perlu jatuhkan orang lain untuk rasa diri mereka lebih baik.

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  1. Why do we always have to deal with this issue of people judging (and staring at!) us? It's so ridiculous.

    But you know what, screw them because we're fucking awesomesauce like that. Like, so impossibly awesome I don't even! ♥ ;D

  2. i can fill in the blankssss for u,hehe. btw u look the part :P

  3. Can I like sueann's comment here? :)


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