Inside joke catchphrases


Before I begin, please congratulate me for going through the day without saying or writing I CAN'T THIS RIGHT NOW or I DON'T EVEN, at all! Sannkkk yuuuuu! (okay, yang tu takleh hilang lagi)

The 6 of us (Yonkey, Tangsue, Grobe, Intan and Mini) all speak England instead of English. We are cool like that. So when I got back to KL, I accidentally brought it back with me. And Ya told me that Mama is pissed at my English. Heh. Sorry! I promise speaking England won't effect my English.

My family have an extensive history of speech bloopers. This family in Penang have them as well. But referred as self sabo. Those who self sabo/made a speech bloopers are well aware that those words will be used repeatedly in future. Some are promptly updated on FB status. So bahaya nowadays with technology. Public humiliation on your fingertips.

Wait! I just realised that we don't really use OUR self sabo as catchphrases. Its usually what other people say that we found hilarious that we use repeatedly. Okay like this package of sentence that come from an acquaintance of ours "You flirt", "You guys crap!" and "Sucks lah wey". After we got pass that, we came to catchphrases adapted from Mean Girls (and we are still stuck here btw!) which are the infamous "I can't this right now", "Boo. You whore!" and "I don't even". We really need to move on from this one. Too much already, sucks lah weyh!

Thank God for Grobe's TUKARLAH BOHDOH. Or else we will be repeating those 3 lines from Mean Girls je. Do you remember how it all started? What our first one was? Guess!

It was....


Pesanan penulis  Harap maaf kepada pembaca yang tidak memahami. Inside jokes kinda hard to explain. You have to be in the inside to understand ;)

Eh nampak tak Serendipity kalerful? Reflection of mood. But still with a dark background. That's just me. Always emo in the core. Hehe.

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  2. Hahahahahahha I CAN totally get your 'inside' jokes. Well does that tell me that I'm 'inside' too? :D
    BTW I love your new skin!

  3. Public humiliation on your fingertips.

    Exactly, exactly!
    Are we the funnest people on earth or what! Tapi skang dh ada inspiration baru dh, in the name of Rebecca Black wtf I don't even. ROR. ;D


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