Semalam lepas dengar news, I was an emotional wreck.
I really want to be home. I want to be there.
Sebab semua orang sama-sama kongsi kekuatan.
Im here alone, nak kongsi dengan siapa?
Rupanya ada. Ada lebih dari 5.
Thanks guys.

Ya called me to give updates. And then later Abah called to let me know what's going on and what they plan to do next. They brought back the baby to Semenyih this morning. He was buried in Semenyih, near home. I heard the funeral went smoothly. And I also got to know about his condition and why he was not strong enough to survive. I'm praying Kak Aishah and Angah are able to accept this strongly. There's no words I can give that can compensate to what they lost. Only doa I can offer.

Sayang, nanti tunggu your parents kat sana ya? We know you are in a better place. We know He have His reasons for taking you too early. We love you the same. You're already a part of us.


Please pray for our baby girl who is still in ICU. Pray for her health and well being. Thank you.

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