Why write when there are songs to reflect exactly how you feel


Jesse McCartney's Just So You Know is a gift for things better left unspoken. Or to tell a person without telling it directly.

Secondhand Serenade's Your Call helps you get over the waiting without feeling sorry for yourself.

Maliq & D'Essential's Untitled is just what you need to reflect, to ponder.

J Rocks's Cobalah Kau Mengerti is something to say out of jealousy.

* * * * * * * * *

Nothing beats writing it on your own though. Since I do not have internet access, I wrote old fashion style. Literally wrote. Using pen and paper. Shocking ey? Hehehehe. I had to! Or else I might lose all my thoughts.

By the way, I am in Kuala Terengganu at Dieyla's house with Cipcip for the semester break! Will be heading to Kuantan from T'ganu. Its been yearssssssssss since Ive been in Terengganu. I plan to enjoy my stay here and snap thousands pictures. Ada cameraman cameragirl okay! Thanks in advance Cip! Dieyla and myself jadi model sepenuh masa. Hehehhehe

Another must-do in my list is to pick up the T'ganu slang. 3 hari pun 3 hari lah. Yang pasti paling kurang dah tahap diploma slanga T'ganu aku bila balik ni.

Hah! Since its the Chinese New Year holiday, rupanya my family semua bersepah bercuti hokayyy! Semenyih clan - the Mondoques, and Syister's family are enjoying themselves at Tiara Beach esort, Port Dickson. While KOTH's family went to BALI! Jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Takpe, Im in Terengganu. And my dad gave clearance to go on my own. Grateful!!!!!
May I tell you that the journey from Penang to Terengganu is 8 hours of back breaking ordeal crossing 5 states (Penang-Kedah-Perak-Kelantan-Terengganu). But I enjoyed it tremendously. Cuaca redup, angin sejuk, tidur sedaaaap!

Sempat singgah photoshoot kat Tasik Banding pulak!

Ni sikit je baru. Tunggu ehhhh, expect gambar yang berlambak =)

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