Dondang Sayang di Putrajaya


I haven't been updating much about my life. Sorry, Juna (now Alba) crashed again. Its now hospitalised, in the hands of VAIO doctors. Hopefully it will come back good as new. Forget my emotional rants for now. Im outside Penang, therefore I am in a better place. Tunggu I balik sana, and I shall be stalcucted again. Tak payah google. Its not a word.

This is waaaaaaaaaaay overdue! Lets go back to December shall we?

My usuals and I planned this because this seems to be the best time for everyone to get together. Ayed was back from UK, Millie was back for the holidays, I was on my semester break, Paden can get off work, and Payan is...was....have always been in KL. So we decided to do something together. Well I arranged it, but everybody agreed. So it was a mutual decision. This time around, Sarathira joined us. And she made a wonderful addition to the gang!

We went to Putrajaya for Water orb! Ayed was the designated driver/ teksi sapu for the day. While all 5 of us took turns changing seats in the MPV. Only Sara and I didn't assume the role of co-pilot on the day.

We only got to know there's only one orb ball after we got there. So we decided to go for the boat ride keliling Tasik Putrajaya first. Its a 20 minutes boat ride on the boat called Dondang Sayang. Hence the post title. The charges is RM20 per person and it can fit 6 person per boat. Just nice for us. It was a simple sight see but we enjoyed it. Sara made a video of our ride. I included it at the end of the post.

Afterwards, we went back to our original plan. The pricing is actually RM20 for 10 minutes. But we managed to strike a deal with the abang-abang who attend the Orb Ball. So its only RM30 for 30minutes. Therefore we go by pairs, and each pair got 10 minutes of slippery, stuffy, sweaty, sticky session in the ball.

It was a real great fun. But damn tiring. I kid you not! Everyone came out from the ball WET! And finally to end the day, we went for a bite to eat at Murni's new branch at Taipan. The whole day was really a mini road trip. I really enjoyed my company. From the Japanese brunch, the boyband karaoke sing along on top of your lungs in the car session, the loooong road to pick up Payan at his house, holding our bladder in the car on the way to Putrajaya, McDonald's in the car, camwhoring, every single thing! I miss the day more now. Until next year my usuals!

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