Kekasih lama tapi baru


Pulang untuk rujuk dengan Juna yang dah cerai talak dua. Juna crashed. Bila dah rosak, baru lah tau cerita sebenar. Juna casing je Vaio. Rupanya all the hardware and software aren't genuine products. Sebab tu lepas 6 bulan dah crashed.

At least its twice longer than my previous relationship. But the situation is quite similar. Lepas dah putus baru tahu cerita sebenar. Baru dapat cerita persona dalaman which apparently sangat jauh dari luaran.

So how do I feel? Betrayed. Same feelings for both relationships. Its as if Juna is a guy secara fizikal, but he's gay. Get it? Okay! Personafikasi terhadap laptopku adalah agak melampau. There'll be changes. Cerai 2 kali takkan nak rujuk kan? Cari lain lah! Isi badan Juna dah diganti. Sebab dah jiwa lain, nama pun kena lain.

I'm still searching for a name. Preferably Sanskrit like Juna was. Hmmm Arjuna had 4 brothers; Nakula, Sahadeva, Yudisthira and Bhima. But I think the second time around, the lappy will be a she. She can be my new new best friend!

Choices? If I were to have a daughter, I want it to be these names:
Layla (night) / Leala (French for faithful)
Raissa (rose)
Nazneen (charming or delicate)
Irsa (Arabic rainbow)
Zia (Arabic for splendor, light)
Yara (Small butterfly or the loved one in Arabic and many other meanings in various languages)

None of it sound like a good match for the lappy. Oh btw, I've kept these name secret for 5 years now. The last time I brought up names for future offspring, it was snatched. Twice! Since its out in the open, its up for grabs! *now that I searched for the meaning again, I think I want it back!*

Sigh. I can't find a good name for it. Something close to me. Something I'll hold dearly.

Hmmm..the girls I'm affectionated to right now are Sophie & Hilde from Sophie's World. Female philosophers? Taknak lah! One is a nun and another is an existentialist.

Audrey for Audrey Niffenegger? Henry the Time Traveller? Male! Clare, the Time Traveller's Wife? Not exactly right.

HOMAIGOD! Perfect! She will be Alba. After Alba de Tremble, the Time Traveller's daughter! Alba means white fortress. Too great, my lappy is white too. Let's hope it'll be a strong fortress and will not crash again.

Guess who else is Alba? You got that right!

Well hello my favourite girl! *cue Justin Bieber's My Favorite Girl*

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  1. hahahaha ko ni gile!
    letak nama joyah or latipah pon ok jugak :) hehe

  2. hani:-/
    tibe2 aku rasa nk tercekik baca statement atas .

    gilo ni!


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