Sometimes it helps


to be alone, just being with myself to clear my head. I usually do that with a book in hand, lying down with lots of pillows. So yesterday I did.

Book: Time Traveller's Wife, check.
Pillows: more than 5 on the mattress, check.
Disturbance: check. check. check. check. check.

When you live in a house with 12 other girls, its impossible to read peacefully. Aih.

I had to clear my head last night, after Benjamin Button, just had too! It was beautiful. Too beautiful. If only I watched it with someone special, or my best girls, It would have been perfect. My comrades was Phia (who laughs at every sad scene), Arie (who I'm not sure if he actually understands the story) and Adly (who wants to watch it as bad as I do but needs to pee every hour). Oh well.

The most memorable scene was a mere 5 seconds shot of Brad Pitt wearing white shirt and faded blue jeans with sunglasses on a yatch with oceanic background. Whoa!
Im a bimbo after all.

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