Hello hello hye!!!
Im back! Nyeh nyeh. My emo mood tak lama this time. Alhamdulillah.
I've been missing Serendipity so much, but lack of interest and turbulence in the emotion department have kept me from blogging.
Its good to be back!

I'll be gone from the academic world for 4 days starting tomorrow. We are heading to Kuantan first, and then kelik Kelate for kak Nana's wedding. Woooohooo!!! Skip class, yay! Shopping! Cuti-cuti Malaysia! Makan sampai tak daya woohooo!

Weight gain alert; as I will be stuffing myself with lotsa glorious fresh seafood. Aih! My constant friend when I go back home to Kuantan, gluttony. Tapi takpa, hearty meal equals too happy heart. Gah! poyo je.

Till then earthlinks!

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