Jinak-jinak merpati


Andre pernah cakap aku ni jinak-jinak merpati sebab lelangit timbul.
Orang yang jinak-jinak merpati ni jenis mesra, friendly, senang rapat and mingle tapi belum tentu dapat. That got me thinking, betul kot. Sebab aku ni memang senang bergaul, senang rapat dengan orang tapi yang betul-betul aku nak tu memang sorang je. Lama pulak sanggup tunggu tuh! Aih!

Tak jugak dapat. Thing is, I know what I want but I dont make any effort to get it. And I always keep my distance. Sometimes too much. Physical contact amatlah strict, but emotionally Im weak. Even lecturer pun noticed I always give myself too much to my emotions.

Hmm..I want to give my emotions away to someone again. But first, I need to find that someone.

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  1. my question is ... how did andre find out your lelangit timbul?

    jeng jeng jeng.

    oh, can u ask ur mom when she wants the lemon cake exactly?

  2. jinak-jinak sejenak..
    lepak-lepak melantak...

  3. excuse me kak sha, shut up! it didnt work like that! i know what ur thinking woman!

    he is tall so i had to look up when talking to him and i was shouting at him when he noticed.

    i think mama wants the lemon cake everyday. bake it, and we'll eat it. so yeah, is tomorrow soon enough? hehe

  4. leishaaaaa......at long last!!!!

    Can it be a standing order every quarterly until I find something else I would like to gobble better???

    Of coz...some I will stuff into Fa' big mouth. We can't have many guys finding abt her lelangit timbul, can we???

    Mak Zan

  5. mcmana nk tahu lelangit timbul? *blur*

    and oh. the same goes to me,i think. keeping your distance is like building an invisible wall between u and that person. u don't want to be climbing ur own wall, and ur hoping for that person to climb it (or better yet, break it down) for you. you know,u want to see that effort coming from that other side. tapi selalu menghampakan diri sendiri je. sigh.


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