The J Fetish


I noticed that Im almost always attracted to people with J initials. With different reasons.
Let's see.. there's Johnny Depp for obvious reasons. James Franco. Ami James of Miami Ink. Jessica 'hot mummy' Alba. Hugh Jackman. Daniel Johns of Silverchair.

And recently, I discovered Im turned on watching lead guitarist of Radiohead plays. Jonny Greenwood. Baru dapat memerhati dengan lebih jelas. High cheekbone, dark hair, pale skin, visible collarbone, lanky, the whole drug addict look. My kinda guy.

Aih and he plays looking down, back to the audience. Kinda hold this mysterious vibes. Nak please?

But, he reminds me of someone when he performs. Jemmmm!

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  1. wow. excellent taste. ahah. dia persis johnny depp juga. sgt comel


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