One less Timah; Shara =(


It was her last week as she is moving out to continue her studies elsewhere. I've only been friends with her since May 2008 when we were staying in Ferum but the bond we had seems like forever. Dia lah yang paling rajin nak melayan mood mengada2 orang. Tolong urut, main-main spa, electrician pun dia, bibik pun dia, kakak pun dia, aih. Dah rindu u dah! Tapi Shara is best linked to the word CAMWHORE!

This last week was extra fun. The whole house went out together 2 nights in a row. We played futsal on Tuesday night which was noisy as hell, had dinner together afterwards and on Wednesday night, our last supper together. One final lepak session.

We miss you already Sha! <33

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  1. sayang...
    rindu kamu tymah..
    hani nnt i nak sume gambar blh x?


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