Chapter 1


Its been 2days since i told him i like him. And we are? Still strictly platonic. Much to my preference. I have a theory on myself. I fall easily, and i fall hard. Just as easy as i fall for someone, its even easier for me to fall out on him. According to my friend Elle, its the chase. We go for the chase, we are allowed to like the guy but as soon as he knows, we'll lose interest. And....that didn't happen this time.

I have liked this person for 3months. Give or take. Which is a record for myself, and a shock too. I didn't realise i have the ability to sustain my likeness towards him that long. Especially since he looks nothing like what i prefer which is Chinese looking, or act like a boyfriend material AND he refuse to speak English! Great isn't it? And still, i fall for him.

Somehow, even after i told him i like him, i still like him. but i don't give hope because i think i have always known that we cant be more than friends who hang out in a group. Believe me, we've tried. At least i tried, we cant carry a conversation between ourselves. We just cant. Nothing verbal comes out, we will be doing our own things, no connection, no chemistry.

Thank god for the other cute looking one! Who i got to know through him because they're classmates. Talk about being greedy! Well, as i have always said keep options open and if it happens, it happens!

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