I abso'effing'lutely hate it when my books are passed to other people yg takde bloodline or whatsover without my knowledge and permission.
Tak kira lah aku beli buku tu RM5 ke RM10 ke RM100 ke!
You dont just pass my book as if it is ur own!
I am furious!
Sedap2 je. I am passionate about my books, and deeply concern about the conditions. very particular about the borrowers.
If you borrow it once and pulang balik lunyai, you'll never see my books again.
Tak kira lah, if ur my cousin/best friend/auntie/soulmate/love of my life...that is the end of it.
And so....never ever ever treat my book like it is yours. Treat it like its ur boyfriend.
I dont borrow your boyfriend and pass him to my friend right?

I strongly believe in treating others the way you want to be treated.
Maybe you should start doing that too coz hunneh, i can lay all ur shit bare!

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  1. oooooh i share the same exact sentiment with you on this one.

    i probably have a dozen books out there. sampai kiamat tak kasi balik.

    i should charge interest. dont you think so?


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