In search of new crew to hang with!


I am a nocturnal.
Have always been, will always be.
I love indie bands.
I love live performance.
I love the atmosphere.
I love the crowd.
I love the talents.
I love all of it.

And yet, I've been to none.

Semuanya lewat malam baru start. And i got a curfew!
My friends are not into it as I do. Even if they are, they dont make enough effort or feel excited as i do.
Today, i was suppose to enjoy performance by a few bands at Central Market.
But since my friend was late, we missed it!
I nak tengok Hujan (aka Strokes Malaysia) perform!!!
Didnt even manage to get their CDs!

The one time I wished for a boyfriend.
So that he can accompany me to do things i like.
With my father's knowledge and trust.

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