Good M'sian football a long time


I dont remember when was the last time I watched M'sian football and feel the excitement. Really feel the excitement.

And get this, I have never seen my mum feeling excited when watching sports.
Especially M'sian football.
She was the one who changed the channel right after news to watch the live telecast.
And my dad, who was reallyyyyy tired...cancel his 'beauty sleep' to watch the match.
Shouting now and then...startling my sensitive ear CP brother.

The game is of now 2 good goals, and 1 lucky one.
Beat of the game, great.
Tough players...which means they wont be the one got knocked down.
Packed stadium, full of supporters.
If Malaysia play like this all the time, i dont doubt we'll be back in the 'Supermok' era.

Chup! Myanmar is trashing our players.
Play fair dudes!
It wasnt our fault ur player kick the ball to ur own goal.
Dah berlambak kad kuning.
Sudah-sudah la tu.

Argh shit, Myanmar just scored.

OMG! goalie ni bolos je. Pe cite?

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