Forever Fernweh


Trying so hard to hold on to what's left of the strenght I have. Forcing myself to not allow it eating me up. How can something I was so eager to start, be the same reason I feel stuck in a rut?

Never stay in a bad relationship they say. What should I do then? Simply leave? After years of build up?

It used to be so enjoyable. It was fun. I wanted to spend a lot of time, most of my time. If felt like a reward.

Now its just a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong uneventful routine. Its no longer exciting. Where is the rush?

I must learn to let go. If it is in another place I can find that little spark to begin again, then I shall go. A traveller should always wander. An explorer will always find wonder.

Its time to dream for that relationship of a writer, a photographer and their mutual love for travelling with each other.

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