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Good morning! Its 2.20 am right now. And I would like to have a quick update on everything that went on between my demise from last job and my first week at MES. Went for the interview on Thursday 17th Jan, and all is good. Except that I had a really bad cirs birs on the morning but managed to keep my cool and be all bubbly. They didn't offer me almost immediately like the previous job, but I had a good feeling.

So I continued my day by going to Melaka with Mokmok to pick up a friend and by the evening, the director of marketing contacted me and said "the job is yours! Do you accept?"


And they want me to start in 2 weeks time. 4th of Feb. Which is cool. I get 2 weeks of holiday :)
The next day, the GM pulak called me up and asked if I accept the job. Heeeee I feel so wanted.
So for 2 weeks, I laze around and spent a lot of my time with Milly, and gained access to a few events and rubbed shoulders with some notable people . (I shall rearrange picture once I log in through the PC. Blogging via my Galaxy Ace je ni).

On my first day, the GM welcomed me by saying "Welcome to the rest of your life" and I felt...hopeful. I do wish I can be happy and will continue working at MES.

1 week is gone now. So far so good. Love the fact that our team is multiracial. We have a gwai-lo (I dunno how they spell it but that's how they say it. It refers to Mat Salleh), a Cindian, an Indian, a Punjabi, Chinese, a Bumiputra, Malays (of course) and a me. I am sometimes Chinese/Malay/Bugis/Indonesian/Korean, depending on my mood. Love the lunchtime with them. Our table is always the loudest and very 1Malaysia.

The only downside of working at MES is the super narrow parking space that made me scratch my car twice. Hmph.

And oh yeah, I was hit on my way to work the other day. Habis bumper depan. Kesian my Wish. Kesian duit gaji pertama from MES.

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