Revival of 13++


I realised that I haven't posted any 13++ list for over a year. I got busy with many things. Among the most prominent one is Adwave's STRIP. Time tu banyak 13++ list boleh buat sebenarnya.
Since Im not THAT active to rant anymore, I guess 13++ list are the only type of posts I will do after this.

Maybe I should list down (list lagi!) few lists that I would want to do next.
1. My WhatsApp groups slash my various gangs.
2. The places we went and people we met during our whirlwind 24hrs in Penang.
3. OK. I have nothing in my head. Nanti Ill think of something.

The sudden urge for me to blog is actually because I was thinking. Why is it so hard for me to like a person? And when I do, he doesnt feel the same. End up we become friends and I know too much bout him I end up not liking him dah.

And then comes this other breed of men who pursue persistently but are not actually available to be accepted. Great innit?

Finally, there's this bestfriend who sends random awkward messages. To matchmake you. Cringes!
Ok. That is all. (I tried my best to write in a manner that wont present myself as a desperate spinster. Because I'm not. Yet.)

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  1. I was JUST thinking my 10 random facts a couple of days ago. Ahh great minds think alike!


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