Marketing sucks the live out of me!


Penaatttt! For a week I've been staring at Marketing's project paper and finally today the website. Thank god the presentation is over and done with.

Even with that load of assignments I managed to make time for fun, family and fooood! Jyeah! The July BBQ Bday Bash at Semenyih was the bomb! I'll list down the food because I dont mind reminiscing the goodness of TLC and glorious food.

We had:

  • Ayah Sham's Tom Yam and Chicken soup for steamboat which includes assortment of veggies, chicken, beef, prawns, squid, fishballs, crabsticks, quail's egg, mushrooms, and some other YTF stuff I dont know and didn't eat.
  • Kak Su's scrumptious mushroom soup. (We tapau some back to SA to eat with spaghetti.)
  • Tantiey's gravy and black pepper sauce
  • My also Tantiey's mashed potato (but i mashed it, so technically half mine)
  • BBQ-ed chicken, prawn, lamb, beef kebab and fresh fish straight from the pond.
  • Nasi Goreng Cina
  • Abang Ayis's KFC
As for dessert, there was:
  • Anteyna's dadih (chocolate, strawberry and mango)
  • Kak Lisha's lemon cake (bakal kek kahwin ku, nak 3 tingkat!)
  • Tantiey's kek batik
  • Mummy's apple crumble and peach crumble pie with custard
  • Tante Mimi's cupcakes but decorated by Tantiey as the birthday cakes.
Abah made Chempedak ice blended shake. Nampak macam muntah tapi rasa hebat! Sumpah tak tipu. It has the colour and consistency betweem custard sauce and gravy.

Needless to say, I was bloated! I felt pregnant. But damn it was good.

Next day was more food in addition to the left over from the party. I was to busy with the paperwork, so tak berapa nak savour la kan. That's why bungkus bawak balik SA. Hehe.

It was reeeeeeeeaaaaaalllyyyy great dapat kumpul-kumpul, lepak-lepak, makan-makan, buli anak orang, kene buli sebab I am anak dorang and YES sesi berjudi, main gin rummy. The kids had even more fun. With that space, berembat habis. Arwen literally pusing satu kolam. Swimming sampai malam. Memang terbaik. Tapi paling best must be for the fathers. They played war with paintball guns. 2 person each side, 1 side across the kolam. Lagi havoc dari the kiddies.

I love Semenyih. The people, the place, the food. All about it!

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  1. 3 tingkat lemon cake??

    man... there were a lot of food i tak makan that day, i especially regret not eating the prawns and lamb .. also the peace crumble. tulah ada baby susah nak duduk diam enjoy the food. dahlah taknak tido arwen tu, kalau dia tido kejap i can eat some more. hehe. dia lak yang enjoy the crowd.


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