Pecah suara


I still have not recover from sorethroat dah nearly a week since last Sunday. Esok malam will be attending Konsert Siti at IB, more reason to lose my voice. Z said if the kids at Nuh's Ark ask why my voice changed, just tell them my voice broke. Jemmm!

Been feeling tired past few days. I slept at 8 last night and woke up at 7. Gilalah! Almost 12 hours. The plus side, I didn't have my dinner. Kurang sikit makan. Dont misunderstand me, even if I have sorethroat, is sneezing, have phlegm and runny nose, I am still eating well. The sickness does not bring lose of appetite together with it.

Last Thursday I went to kindie after cuti sendiri on Wednesday. Cant stay away, I miss the kids. Halis Khadija came running to hug me when she saw me coming. And there was a fews of them who was calling out my name. I feel so welcome. Ngeeee! Some brought their own lunchbox for lunch. Among them is Halis who brought rambutan. She gave me one. I thought the gesture was incredibly cute and funny! In the US, teachers get an apple. Here, they get rambutan? Cute! Sadly Im coughing so I cant eat it. Gave it to Bip.

Punat came to visit pick up his jacket and matrix card on Thursday evening. Had a lepak session for a while with Ya. It was great seeing him again. Lama tak jumpa. Sadly he doesnt want to eat at Sani! I miss Sani. Chaqqq, still waiting for you to bring me there. You are my only hope.

Today went to watch Transformers 2 with Abah. I was in awe! The best part was when everyone clap after the movie ended. Good appreciation. Michael Bay is a good director because he manage to deliver and put the movie on the same level as the first. The downside is (according to Abah and I) too much fighting and robotic sequence. It's unbalance unlike the first movie where we can see the development of characters. Im a girl, I want the emotional approach of the movie too! Needless to say, scenery is breathtaking. Z would like it. It featured places he been to. Places I yet manage to see in the middle East.

Finally I got to see Milly ever since she got back. Just a quick visit while she's working. Tak puas like duh, obviously. Bump into Safena and Aqilah. Safena's remarks was loud and clear. I've gain A LOT of weight since school ended. She has no subtlety, nvm. It doesn't hurt me much though. Remarks about my weight never seems to hurt me. I dont get it why other people is so bloody bothered by my weight. My body! Im comfortable in my own skin. Just because you are not, doesnt necessarily mean others are as well. Ill do things when I see fit okay. Kene act on own wants.

And Z, he went back to campus today. Sigh. Okay, even if I've never seen him (yet) eversince we got closer, Im going to miss him. At least when he was in KL he is nearer. Which makes my hope to see him seems obtainable. Oh well, there will be time for it. Kan?

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