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Quick updates:

  • My 'monthly' visitor finally arrives on 19th June 2009. Exactly a year, a month and a week after the last time.
  • Im loving the job at the kindergarten. Kids seems to love me, which is new. Hello, Ifan used to cry just by looking at the back of my head.
  • The other aunties working there are nice people. I like them. Easy to talk to. But my English seems to be following theirs. Not a good sign.
  • Went out yesterday with Ya, Kecik, Bip and Sara all around BB to shop. Then meet up with Wawa, Ajis, Cwoo, Sayoq, Amin and Botak at Urbanattic for the free gig. I hate free gigs by the way. Too many people. Especially budak sekolah. Managed to watch Restraint only. It wasnt as fun as it use to be. No wonder I stopped going to gigs.
  • Flu bug is in the house! Some are speaking like Fran Fine already, with clogged nose. Im starting to have the sandpaper effect in my throat. I guess Im next.
  • From Shah Alam to KL by bus, trains and a lot of walking! Haus tapak glads aku!
  • Esok ada test marketing.
  • Nak pergi Kampung Warisan later. Last day to see Abang Ben's family. Last time to see them before they leave for Boston. He's doing Masters in Harvard. Damn. Harvard.
  • Next time Im free, I'll write about the kids. And post photos too.

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  1. Finally, your on your period once again! Congratulations! ;D


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