Tengah-tengah Jun


So i got the job at the kindie. 2 hours on Monday to Wednesday in between classes. And full day for Thursdays and Fridays.

Job description includes lotsa things I am to malas to list down. But they pay RM5 per hour or RM40 per day. Which is a lot actually! I've met the 2 senior teachers who are both Filipinos. Looking forward to work with them. Aku ni kan sukaa kalau jumpa foreigners nih.

Studies okay lah kot. PPDT is expected to be blah. Tapi Marketing macam best jeh. Lecturer tu ala ala preety boy la kan. So semua students (both girls and guys) seems to like him. Some flirt openly. He's married though. Looking forward for his subject.

Haa cerita rumah! Since its short sem with only 2 subjects to study, classes is only on Monday - Wednesday. Therefore, rakan-rakan serumah akan lesap pada Rabu malam. Bapaaaaaaaakk bosan! Rumah besar yang kesunyian.

Haa camtulah.

Oh, Z.. not gonna happen. Ntah!

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