New place, new ways.


I finally belong somewhere! Woot woot!
I am currently pursuing Diploma in Communication and Media at UNISEL.
Which surprisingly, does not suck as i imagined it would be.
Studies as of now is great, friends are nice. Food sucks though, and im known as someone who digests fast, which means i still need to do my business after i eat. No matter how little i eat. HAH! I still have not lose any weight. Takpe..takpe, masih ada masa. See how life treats me (with hope of losing weight) haha.
Will update more later, assignments!

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  1. Congratulations, Kea!

    All the best with your studies. I'm sure you'll do great there.

    Here's wishing you a successful 2008, and better and greater things for all of us, insya Allah.

    Take care, dear.


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