Why is it whenever friends need me, i am there for them. Anytime, anywhere. Willing to help, willing to make time, willing to sacrifice. And when i need them, they are almost always never there. Yes, i have friends issues. I dont have a close friend until im 15. And she, is the only one who i think gives and takes as much as i do. The others, they just take. Im just their sad friend. Just when i thought i found great friends, they let me down.

Bila ada kisah sedih, mula cari aku. Humbankan semua pada aku. Bila dah selesa, gembira. Tak pula nak kongsi bersama. Tak pernah nak fikirkan orang yang dah banyak membantu. Tak pernah fikir, kawan yang ini perlukan sesiapa tak. Perlukan tempat mengadu tak. Perlukan teman nak luahkan masalah.

Truth is, i do! As much as how you guys are when you're in your mess. I may not have an important relationship or busy college life as you guys do. But yes, i also have a mess of my own. Im not asking for you to help out untangle my problems. Im not asking anything other than ur time, to lend ur ears just as i have done to you. is it too much to ask?

You say that you are there for me all the time. But where are you when i need you?
Right now, u people are my life. You top my list, my priorities. I may be a pest, asking for attention from you. But not for long. My life will start soon. And i will have different priorities. Soon. Have a great life. Have fun searching for new shoulders to lean on. Because i wont be here for you anymore, just as you never were.

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  1. Hi dearie

    You know, I had a so-called friend like that too. It is unfortunate that sometimes we have to find out the hard way who can truly be a friend in our time of need.

    Friends will come and go in life and someday there will be that one good friend that stays the course with you.

  2. Hi there dear,

    Just hang in there, and try not to pull yourself down thinking about your so-called friends, okay?

    Hey...for all you know, you might not have found your true friends in life yet. You're still very young and you have your whole life ahead of you, and along the way, there might be a true friend for you.

    Don't worry. Be happy. He or she IS somewhere out there.

    So, Kea, smile,okay?


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