I've not been a good friend for sometime now.
To everyone.
I tend to snap easily, and lose my temper more than usual.

I need a scape goat. I blame work.

I'm having 4 problems:
1) A friend became distant and awkward towards me. I'm really sorry, i tend to act weird when its face-to-face contact.
2) My best friend didn't receive her bday wish (which was a big deal for her)
3) My bestest friend/cousin gotta straight in her face volcano lava, yes from me.
4) I lost myself.

Eventhough these things are bothering me so bad, i just don't feel like sorting it out.
I'm tired...of trying to please.
Just know that when I dont make an means u need to get over it.

Guys, thousand apologies, i don't even bother bout explaining myself.
I'm just gonna accept the blame.
Its so easy to be hurtful but so hard to forgive.
Since I'm the one hurting others, i apologise.
I'm tired of trying so hard pleasing others, being there for others, caring to much bout them that i end up forgetting myself.
Working gives me time out from others and i needed that.
I don't have to hear his and her side of the story and play the middle person.
I don't need to listen to a person's whine.

Its my turn to whine.
My turn to let out my feeling and for others to console me.
My time.

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  1. Hmm... No wonder u were less frenly mase tgk bola ngan Achik. Hence, e'body wd go thru this stage.... What's important is to juz acknowledge ur prob/fault & apologise to the concern parties. No explaination needed actualy. If they're realy ur fwenz/best buddies/bstest buddies/most bestest ev3er buddies, they wd understand & 4give u. Even if they dont understand they wd act as if they understand. Only death wd offend ur family & fwenz, other situation is alwiz reversible.... Best of luck...... MERDEKA

  2. Hello dear,

    It has been a long time since I left a comment here. Busy, busy, and busy...Sorry!

    Seems like you've had some bad times (an understatement?) - don't worry, you're (were) not the only one...and it's not the end of the world...'re entitled to think of yourself sometimes! Nothing wrong with it.

    And I agree with toy - if they are truly your friends - they would understand...

    Selamat berpuasa, dear.

    Take care!


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