Wednesday, 17 December 2014

All I want for winter are coats

Hello! Mabuhay to Serendipity and annyeonghaseyo! Please excuse myself being corny because I recently just came back from Boracay (in November) and South Korea (just last week!). Before I reveal more about the trips let me tell you how menyusahkan it is for me to search for things to wear.

For one, the trips are so close to one another but the climate is so very different. Macam langit dengan bumi. Well, almost. Boracay was a beach holiday - which meant I needed a swimsuit that covers myself to replace my old one (eventhough I wont be swimming since I just had ear surgery - another post, another time). And also I need to think about what to wear that will not be revealing but still comfortable to wear at the beach.

Went to Sports Direct Subang with Nana the weekend before the trip and found some options. But I came back with a beach bag instead. Its vibrant and pretty and it came with its own beach mat! See how easy for me to get distracted? Eventually I managed to find a swimsuit in Boracay which I paired with my batik tights. It cost me only RM40. Happeyh!

That search was still okay compared to my search for coats to prepare myself for the below 0 Celsius in Korea. Living in Malaysia all my life meant no winter clothing whatsoever. Sure I have some outerwear. But I always opt for those made of chiffon / light material since layering myself will only make me sweat in the hot weather.

My search for coats was considered done since Nana's mum rent winter clothing to people. I went to her place, picked them up, tried them on and then decided I want something else. Mainly because most of the items are either too big, a bit tight, or it wont match what I already have. So I went out looking...searching and sweating in the stores while looking for the right one. I settled for this brown one. And the pretty red one loaned from Tangsue, bless her soul.

Seriously, if only there's an easier way to do it. Which there is actually - ZALORA! It would have been perfect for my time constraint too since they deliver the within 3 days. Whuaiii didn't I even think about it??  And their options are quite extensive too! I see some printed jackets that I like now, And a blazer for work! And ooohhh that sequin bolero would be perfect for my upcoming Christmas party. OK, I'm off shopping. Anyone going to winter wonderland soon? You might want to shop coats online for women from them too.

Thursday, 4 December 2014


Alhamdulillah. Syukur.

For having positive, wonderful, amazing people in my life who rub off their awesome persona to me.

For being loved by people you dont expect and to return the same feeling.

To be surrounded by kind people is lucky. To be surrounded by kind people who love you and care of you and willing to do so much for you is just......blessed.

Allah, each time I am blessed by your gifts - I wonder what I had done right. I must have done something right to be deserving the whole lot.

I thank you for each of them that you bring into my life and appreciate all that they have done. Please bless them more than you have blessed me.

Because they, remind me of you.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Have you ever?

Have you ever felt so scared that the only emotion you managed to transfer out is just anger?

Have you ever thought that you're only being strong because there's no time for you to be vulnerable?

Have you ever feel so tired of being independent and dependable that you just want to let go?

I was born a daughter, raised a son. Born to my parents but raised by many. Its unfair. To receive so much and not living to expectation.

I try. To give back as much as I can. But sometimes, people forgot Im still just a girl. And I too get tired.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

No more brides to shower with hen nights!

Hi! Sengaja delay in writing about this because I was waiting for the final shower of the year to be done first. Back in May, we had a bachelorette night for Lily and Erin planned by the two Timah who are preggos - Nora and Shara. I only brought myself, yay! (and goodie packs because I'm just like that. Sukar melepaskan  kuasa, tapi bukan gila kuasa) 

Shara chose a really pretty place for the dinner, Flora Terrace at Hampshire Place. Its so pretty and fairy-like, we all became prim and proper there. It was funny because halfway we were all asking each other "Why are we all quiet? This place makes us hush!" 

Naturally, it was just dinner and 5 chatty girls talking about their upcoming weddings, and 2 moms-to-be sharing pregnancy joy. And then there was one girl in red, sitting at the corner swiping her phone away.

And not two weeks ago, we had another hen night for 2 more Timah who have decided they want to start next year as a wife. This time, I opted for a spa day for Timah and of course the brides - Kecik and Phia! We also had a new member joining us. The first Timah baby - Nora's Naurah El Sofia!

The brides to be!

The place is a nail parlour in Wangsa Melawati, Gossiproom. We love the place, so pretty and spacious and it has a cafe! Which is perfect for us. Lepas habis mani pedi terus pergi makan. And the deco was nice too. People were warm, nice service. Love our first experience for a bridal spa together.

FYI, we now have 7 married Timahs, 2 of them are already mothers (Nora and Shara), Ya is about to pop, Lily and Erin who got married in June are both 7 weeks pregnant, Kecik got married last weekend, Phia next in November and Sara will have her wedding in January 2015.
4 of us left. 2 attached, 2 hopeless cases.

OK. Belanja gambar wedding Kecik satu.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Boys Food Truck

In the real world, I semakin jarang hang out with friends. I usually go out with my cousins (since everyone live 10 minutes away from each other) or my colleagues (macam tak cukup jumpa kat office kan?). Bukan mengelak, simply because I don't have enough time and these people are those within reach.

Also because, I usually don't want to go outside of my own area. Same for my colleagues and cousins. Lagi pula I've been working for an exhausting exhibition. Balik dah lewat, penat tapi lapar - nak makan tapi taknak berat, nak dekat2. This define the exact situation I was in 7 weeks ago.

I left the office quite late, 9 something I think. Called up my cousins from next door. Ajak teman makan. So when I got home, picked them up, fikir nak makan apa, make our way to the place - kedai pun tutup. We first went to Cafe Lapis and Pop's in Wangsa Maju - only to arrive at exactly the time they are closing. By that time it was already 11.

Ya (bless her soul) came up with a brilliant suggestion. "Nak tak try my friend's food truck kat Wangsa Melawati? Dia bukak malam-malam." So off we go to our discovery of our favourite new eatery (and ermm my obssession?) - The Boys Food!

Day 1 - sampai, duduk, order, makan beria-ria sebab lapar gila. I ordered the steak cheese sandwich by recommendation of the cook. The first bite was soooooo good! I was torn in between saying SO GOOD and stuffing my face with the sandwich. Its a very simple meal really. But we had good amount of tender beef, oozing cheese sauce, with caramelized onion on soft steamed bun. All that for RM5 per portion. Pinat and Syaniz had fettucine alfredo while Ya had the cheeseburger. Super nice supper for all of us.

Next day, we came again. This time with Ayaq since he's heard the food was good. All 5 of us ordered steak cheese sandwich (first round) and various orders for the second round. Lebih meriah kan? That was the last time we managed to get seats easily after 10pm.

I was contemplating if I should be further promoting this place, now a days we need to be there before the truck arrives in order to get our food fast. The que is loooooong and people actually stay and repeat their order. It's good to see that business is blooming for them but I need to rent a table for myself. Haha!

Or do as what Ya and Ayaq did, bring their own table! (And they say I was embarrassing when I had the umbrella opened to shed us. Chaitt!)

I have taken friends and family here because Im still in this hype for their food (mungkin juga ada sedikit ulterior motive). I've been there numerous times sampai the guy knows my name already. Datang ramai mana, sesapa pun yang order, he'll call out my name. Ecehh regular customer.

But main reason I'll still return is because everything is just so simple and easy. Simple set-up, simple food, easy for me to come, easy to get people to gather there, easy on the eyes, simply senang dan menyenangkan. Here's a picture of the truck and their social media details for you to find out more about them.

Footnote: now that I've changed the post title so that people get to search about them why not I give more details too.

Their instagram: @theboysfood and #theboysfood

The location: Dataran Wangsa Melawati. 
Landmark: KWSP, Zawara Wangsa Melawati, Wangsa Grill, Restoran Adam Lai.

Opening hours: 9.30pm to 2am (korang please datang lewat sikit so that I get to eat happily)

They close Sunday nights. Happy eating!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Bali Birthday Trip: Last Day aka Culture Day

Let's finish this off! Then I can get started on Chagar Hutang post.

On the final day of our Bali trip, we decided to go and experience a little bit of their culture. Lets face it, Bali is super rich with culture and we didnt even touch the tip of it.

This is the only morning the boys didnt go for a swim. Everyone were high (on food) the night before, but I did! The joy of being able to hog the pool to myself!

Our first stop was, to the craft centre. Bought some as souvenirs, and then to the botanic garden of some sort to try kopi luwak and all these different type of coffee and tea. Gratisssss! We love free things!


Had lunch dekat mana eh? Dah tak ingat. Kintamani I think. The view was supposed to be great. But it was all misty and cold and mysterious for us. We met Linda Onn there. A fellow Malaysian. LOL.

Next, shopping time!!! To Ubud we go. This place is famous for their arts and craft and all those nick nacks that were quite heavy and bulky to bring back once you start shopping because you didnt realise you've actually bought for the whole of Kuala Lumpur. I kid you not!

Ain and I bought a few heavy bowls for our mums/as wedding gifts. And then when we got to Malaysia, some broke. Hati juga patah ketika itu. Almost at the same time we thought to ourselves, why the hell do we not just buy dream catchers which are so pretty and not at all costly - as gifts? Kicked ourselves in the butt until today still. This tiedye store, I found SELEPAS dah habis duit shopping kat Pasar Ubud. Padahal cross jalan je dah boleh sampai. Menetes I! Takpelah next time, InsyaAllah!

I want to show you the view of Ubud, Unlike Kuta, Legian, Lovina, Seminyak, Uluwatu and Nusa Dua which is near to the beach or has the view of the sea, Ubud's view is....sawah padi!

It's quite calming. I wouldn't mind going back and staying in Ubud the next time. And to make sure I go for hours and hours of spa. Bukan macam haritu. Terkejar-kejar, so Ain and I only got to go for an hour of massage at Mustika Ratu - inside the mall while the boys went shopping. Still great though.

You've been great Bali. I look forward to go back there.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Terima Kasih

Assalammualaikum God, I thank you for what you had given me this week. This that doesnt come to me often but I truly appreciate. Both of it.

For one, I come to terms that I may not get it every month but Alhamdulillah. It does come more often now than before. I appreciate the fact that I still am a woman. Though with flaws.

Secondly, for the opportunity to be with people I have loved all my life and who loves me all these while, even when I dont feel I deserve to be loved. If You by any chance is creating more reason for me to love, I openly and eagerly accept. InsyaAllah.