Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Seeking Serendipity

I borrowed this. Some strike straight to the heart.

Jika tiada rezeki anak,
mungkin diberikan rezeki mertua yang baik.
Maka kita lebih bahagia dari anak yang liar.

Jika tiada rezeki wang ringgit,
mungkin diberikan rezeki kesihatan.
Maka kita lebih bahagia dari kerisauan menjaga harta dunia.

Jika tiada rezeki kereta mewah,
mungkin diberikan rezeki kenderaan yang jarang menimbulkan masalah.
Maka kita lebih bahagia dari membayar kerosakan yang mahal.

Jika tiada rezeki rumah yang besar,
mungkin diberikan rezeki makanan yang tidak pernah putus.
Maka kita lebih bahagia dari si gelandangan.

Jika tiada rezeki pasangan yang cantik,
mungkin diberikan rezeki pasangan yang baik dan pandai menguruskan rumahtangga.
Maka kita lebih bahagia kerana hidup berteman dan terjaga segala.

Jika tiada rezeki jodoh,
mungkin diberikan rezeki umur ibu bapa yang panjang.
Maka kita lebih bahagia dapat berbakti sepenuhnya pada orang tua.

Jika tiada rezeki hari ini,
mungkin ada rezeki yang lebih baik pada esok hari.
Maka kita lebih bahagia kerana rezeki yang tidak dijangka.

Probably Allah has saved a better guy for you. Kita tak tau. Maybe you'll meet him next year, maybe in ten years, maybe twenty, but eventually you will. In the mean time Allah spoils you with rezeki in another form yang orang lain tak dapat. You quit your job, senang dapat kerja lain. Your career is progressing. Some people can't get a job at all.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Post-Raya Syndrome?

I think I need help.

It's only been a few days. But already I'm noticing that I might have a small hole somewhere in my heart. Not literally! I have been unhappy. There I said it.

True something happened. But I resolved it. Well, I think I resolved it. Cukuplah buat masa sekarang untuk terima jawapan yang dah diberi. Will not think too much about it. Not wholly trusting, but accepting.

I don't know why. I suddenly have this longing feeling. Of what I dont know. Its a feeling that stays through out the day and linger at night. Kenapa? Withdrawal ke? Is it because I've continuously been surrounded by many family members for a week? Am I missing the kemeriahan? What is it?

I can't point it out. Everyday I wake up, go to work, surrounded by colleagues, do my job. Try my best to deliver. I see work related people at Open Houses, go to meetings, spent time after work with colleagues. Do all the things I usually do. But that feeling stays!

I try to live everyday as normal as I can. No one will actually say I look bothered or sad. Because I'm not feeling miserable. I'm just unhappy.

And its tough to share because I dont know what is making me unhappy!!!

OK. I'm annoyed.

Friday, 1 August 2014

Salam Aidilfitri 1435

Of late I realised I prefer to be a bit more reclusive than the extrovert that I am. Dah penat being surrounded by stupid people who talk without thinking. I am temperamental, I am easily angered. Jadi sebelum I accidentally on purpose shoot down tell off orang tak pasal-pasal, I'll just shut myself out.

Keep negativities out and just be happy within my circle. That does not mean I don't owe people apologies. To all that I have hurt and wronged unintentionally, forgive me. And for those that took offence from what I said and did, my sincere apologies.

Lets start over and just spread love.
Dunia tak lama dah. Masa tak panjang nak breed hatred and then try to make amends. Maka lebih eloklah kita tak sediakan ruang untuk perasaan tak best. Kalau wujud jugak, maybe you should just leave the person. Seriously.

Forgive, be forgiven and stay away.

* * * * * * * * *
Enough about that! Marilah kita menikmati keriuhan dan kekecohan ABCB di White House, Pekan, Pahang. (And also my shameless promotion through ootd shots)

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Still a girl afterall...

When I first started work, I had bad sense of dressing. It was that transition from the carefree college girl to a corporate woman. But actually inside, (even now) Im just a tomboy in my own comfortable skin.

My dad, saw this as an alarming sign. So one night during our usual supper date he told me "each month, keep aside some money for you to buy clothes. Allocate some for your wardrobe. You need to dress better". I didn't had enough then. So there wasn't much for me to work on.

Now, I gotta say Alhamdulillah. I may not be drop dead gorgeous but can laaaa hide that tomboy when needed. Thank you for your advice Abah! But I didn't know that I will be (almost) addicted to buying things I look pretty in. Girls..

Disclaimer: this post appeared to sooth my guilt for impulsively purchasing a super cantik pants that I dont actually need but totally have fallen in love with.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Best Man

I have many girlfriends.
Some within the same gang.
Some solo.
Some from school.
Some from college.
Many from university.
Some from work.
Some, have the same blood running in our veins.

All these girls, I see them as those I am close to. People I care about. Those I make effort to be at their weddings, to help, to assist.

But I don't know how many will do the same for me.
How many will come to my house the day before, to run errands.
To be at home and assume the role of my sisters that I never had.

There's too many for me to ask to be my Dulang Girls/Bridesmaids when come the time. So I come up with a plan. Instead of having my girls to be my dutiful dulang girls and bridesmaids, maybe...just maybe - I should get their husbands to do it instead.

If I am important enough to your (pregnant) wife, you will be willing to be my best man. Or they will arm twist you to do it. Only then I will know who values me kan?

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Bali Birthday Trip - Day 2 aka Beach Day!

I owe this to myself to have it written. But first, let me refresh what I did on the second day.

Please know at this point of time Im actually just forcing myself. I don't remember all details but daymn it was awesome! We spent the morning - as usual - in the pool. Then head out from the hotel to eat at Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika. Its like nasi campur place here in Malaysia, except that all the food bersambal pedas. Imagine how many bottles of Teh Botol we had.

Habis berlendir hidung, merah muka masing-masing tahan pedas.

Next, walaupun perut penuh we need to fully utilise the time we had. So to Tanjung Nusa Dua we go! Water sports activities were the agenda. There, we were attended by a sales person of some sort in batik shirt. Im not sure he's from the resort or the water sports service provider. But he gave us a good rate. Sebab katanya kita dari rumpun yang sama. Sambil cakap perlahan, mat salleh memang tourist rate lah.

We paid RM150 for flying fish + hours of snorkelling + visit to Turtle Beach. A bargain I must say. And super fun! Just that, you guys need to prepare extra cash lah. If you tip well, they treat you well. And also, just take your cash with you. In the middle of the sea, the boat drivers can offer additional ride at a different cost. Some also sold us board shorts on the boat. Secretly of course.

Balik tu semua agak kelaparan tapi kitorang tak pergi makan. I love this bunch weh. Tak complain langsung bab lapar. Main redahhhhh je. Sebab semua tempat jauh-jauh tau. And our driver pun jenis elok bab timing semua. Dialah tukang remind. Dari Nusa Dua - terusssssssss ke Uluwatu. More than enough time to sight see at the temple and to get good seats for beautiful sunset and wonderful Kechak performance.


For dinner, of course we couldn't miss the infamous Jimbaran. Sumpah I would totally comeback to Bali just for this. Kalau tak dapat yang lain tu takpe tapi Jimbaran KENA pergi lagi. It was already dark when we got there so pictures cannot do any justice to the place. I can't say it was beautiful but the atmosphere, marvellous!

Seafood restaurant the whole stretch just pick any. Semua above average. Takdelah murah. Tapi makan puas. Yang buat bertambah best gila is the fact that the dining tables are on the beach! Feet dipped in the sand. Tapi pasir tak masuk mulut pun. Serious best! Sementara tunggu our food we all jalan2 dulu. Dah nama pun dekat beach kan.

Kat beach tu ada pakcik jual jagung bakar. Surrounding dia memang best lah! Food was good too. We paid around RM60 per head. Tapi memang feast fit for a king. Sotong, ikan, oyster, udang. Typing this makes me wanna go back right this instance!

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped by Hard Rock Cafe to you know - not miss out. So snap a few pics and got stranded, waiting for our supir coz he went to buy that legal fungus that may or may not create temporary hallucination to the consumer. And none of us had an Indonesian simcard. Go get one OK when you travel. I came back with phone bill aMOUNTing to RM500 plus.

Friday, 13 June 2014

The Wedding Marathon

Last weekend, I went to a total of 6 weddings of friends and family. Yup! you saw that right, 6! From Friday night to Sunday night.

Wedding #1
Who: Kak Sheena and husband, Ikmal.
Where: Keramat Hujung Atas
Time: 8pm, Jumaat malam

Kelam-kabut meeting start at 4. Buat kerja sikit tahu-tahu dah pukul 8. Rush balik, mandi, bersiap ala kadar. Turun bawah tengok dinner dah hidang maka makan dulu laaa. So when I got there, of course kereta dah banyak - had to park bawah bukit and menapak in my clog shoes. Gigih! As I arrived, everyone was walking out for dinner. Didn't get to see the nikah took place but managed to take a picture with the bride and groom!

Wedding #2 
Who: E & Em's Solemnization
Where: Masjid Wilayah
Time: 11am

Technically, I attended the pre-nikah prep coz I was at Eikha's place until 3am with some of the rest, isi bekas telur. Next morning (nasib baik not as a zombie), I went back to her place to be one of the dulang girls. All of us were dressed in maroon attire + gold hijab. The bride wanted it that way. We thought it wasnt pretty. But alas! In pictures it looked great! Thank you Eikha!

E & Em met in Korea. Within a week or so - E who doesn't have any plan to get married (eventhough she had boyfriends previously) - announced to us "I think he's the one". Then she became the giggly schoolgirl mabuk angau bercinta. And when we finally met Em - the smitten schoolboy, we know its gonna happen sooner or later.

Sooner it is. I'm happy for you both. Really.
Thank you Em for marrying E. And E, I believe you chose the right guy who can guide you and make you happy.

(wipe tears kejap)

Em, you don't read my blog but I trust E will pass this to you.
Thank you for putting up with me eventhough you don't really have to. I met you once and didn't even care to make good impression on you. But you made a great first impression. Except for the handbag. I was already teasing you then. Still you went along, and properly, sincerely accepted me as one of your friends.

I don't always feel accepted. But you're one of the rare cases. Thank you. You're a great friend walaupun I belum kenal you lama. That's why I know you will be a good husband to E. Harap2 doa lepas nikah tu mujarab lah. Hehehe.

Take care of each other. Though I don't always spend time with you guys, I feel it when you guys balik Korea. TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!!

Wedding #3
Who: Lily & Alan's 's Solemnization
Where: Masjid Besi, Putrajaya
Time: 3pm

If you see in the previous pic I dah pakai tudung warna lain, that's coz I am now vain. I taknak nampak pakai same thing for next majlis. So I changed my headscarf and kain, and head to the next ceremony in Putrajaya. This couple have been together since we all started studying in UNISEL in 2008. That's where they met!

The wedding we have been waiting for a long time. Alhamdullah, terikat jugak. Lily is one of my Timah girls, and both Lily+Lalan are my Photo Phamily. Corny name started of in uni coz most of the gang were from Diploma in Photography course. I love both of you. You guys made a pretty hipster couple. Can't wait for little LilyAlan. Senyap2 tapi nakal. Pastu comel. Traits from both parents.

Since the akad nikah took place in one of Putrajaya's attractive mosques, there were some tourists recording the proceeding. Dengan 2 kali lafaz, Alan became Lily's husband. Yang first lafaz dah sah tapi papa Lily nervous so they had to do take 2.

Wedding #4
Who: E & Em's reception
Where: Bangi Golf Resort
Time: 8pm

Right after Lily's nikah, I shot off to Bangi. Nasib baik Putrajaya-Bangi tak jauh. Kalau tak mati jugaklah. E asked Nadzmee and I to be their emcee. We were supposed to do it non formal, fun, laidback chill. Tapi Im not the non-formal type so I jadi announcer. Yang si Nadzmee pulak flight attendant, so he used his aircraft voice.

But truthfully, that night was funny. Nasib baik sorang dah biasa handle guests atas awan, yang lagi sorang dah ada experience run exhibitions.  So we both were multitasking as emcee-AV guy-deejay-runner-floor manager. I hope the night went well (on our part lah) sebab the way I see it nampak okay je semua =)

The night also became a reunion for many of us. I got to see my ex-lecturer, my old friends, update each other on gossips and job prospects! Pastu malam tu sebab exhausted - I crashed the newlyweds room. Maaf. Tapi thanks menjemput. And thanks for the breakfast buffet! Nyumssss!

Wedding #5
Who: Lily & Alan's Reception
Where: Taman Botani, Putrajaya
Time: 1.30pm

Sesudah E & Em check out - I made my way to Putrajaya again. Driving was a breeze sebab Putrajaya area takde kereta. When I got there the bride and groom were already taking pictures with guests. I missed most of the majlis it seems. Ke korang takde bersanding sebenarnya?

Ate good food, the chicken and beef were good! Waited for the rest of Timah to arrive, snap some photos and may I add - the photobooth were ADORABLE! Quite hipster-ish but not very. Just like the couple themselves. By this time I'm already exhausted. Couldn't wait for a complete Timah so I left.

Balik rumah untuk tidur 2 jam. Sebab selepas itu I need to get ready for.....

Wedding #6
Who: Fara & Fai's Reception
Where: Dewan Perdana, RRIM, Sg Buloh
Time: 8pm

Dah penat dah? Imagine me. By this time I really don't want to drive anymore. So I asked for a ride from Arie. Nasib baik menumpang. The place is in the middle of the woods, quite hard to find and scary! The compensation - getting to meet Geng Gitar Lapok! It was nice to see some of them again. More wedding news it seems.