All I want for winter are coats


Hello! Mabuhay to Serendipity and annyeonghaseyo! Please excuse myself being corny because I recently just came back from Boracay (in November) and South Korea (just last week!). Before I reveal more about the trips let me tell you how menyusahkan it is for me to search for things to wear.

For one, the trips are so close to one another but the climate is so very different. Macam langit dengan bumi. Well, almost. Boracay was a beach holiday - which meant I needed a swimsuit that covers myself to replace my old one (eventhough I wont be swimming since I just had ear surgery - another post, another time). And also I need to think about what to wear that will not be revealing but still comfortable to wear at the beach.

Went to Sports Direct Subang with Nana the weekend before the trip and found some options. But I came back with a beach bag instead. Its vibrant and pretty and it came with its own beach mat! See how easy for me to get distracted? Eventually I managed to find a swimsuit in Boracay which I paired with my batik tights. It cost me only RM40. Happeyh!

That search was still okay compared to my search for coats to prepare myself for the below 0 Celsius in Korea. Living in Malaysia all my life meant no winter clothing whatsoever. Sure I have some outerwear. But I always opt for those made of chiffon / light material since layering myself will only make me sweat in the hot weather.

My search for coats was considered done since Nana's mum rent winter clothing to people. I went to her place, picked them up, tried them on and then decided I want something else. Mainly because most of the items are either too big, a bit tight, or it wont match what I already have. So I went out looking...searching and sweating in the stores while looking for the right one. I settled for this brown one. And the pretty red one loaned from Tangsue, bless her soul.

Seriously, if only there's an easier way to do it. Which there is actually - ZALORA! It would have been perfect for my time constraint too since they deliver within 3 days. Whuaiii didn't I even think about it??  And their options are quite extensive too! I see some printed jackets that I like now, And a blazer for work! And ooohhh that sequin bolero would be perfect for my upcoming Christmas party. OK, I'm off shopping. Anyone going to winter wonderland soon? You might want to shop coats online for women from them too.

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