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Ok. 20 things about me you dont know. You will know now. Tagged by my 2 nieces @nurin_amalia and @alyshaadriana and also @takehertomusicstore shit about to get real.

  • 1. Picture is from 20yrs ago. What you see is still who I am. A happy individual who loves to read.
  • 2. I have very strong emotions. I can be a really happy person sampai tahap galak, a very temperamental and angry person sampai always labelled emotional.
  • 3. At 18, I've been diagnosed with PCOS. Not ashamed to admit. 1 out of 5 woman have it.
  • 4. One of the effects of PCOS, I have 70% testosterone. I kid you not. Hey! Im still a woman ok! 
  • 5. Its not THAT serious but when the doctor broke the news to me, I felt my world crumbling.
  • 6. I am a durian. Thorny, hard exterior but soft centre. Not everyone loves it, but there are some who do.
  • 7. I love my job. Really do. I feel so blessed to be in this line of work, surrounded by cool colleagues and get paid to work on things i love with people i adore.
  • 8. Still reading? I love to write. So read you shall.
  • 9. Forgive my typo and grammar errors. It irks me too when I read grammatical errors. But I dont mind being corrected.
  • 10. I love travelling. Been blessed to be granted chances to go abroad as a child. Now that I need to save up to go somewhere, it means so much more. More appreciation definitely.
  • 11. Fa to those who are close to me, Hani to friends, Farah to most family members (makin ramai dah panggil Fa so makin pelik pulak dengar orang panggil Farah)
  • 12. I am monophobic. So all of you who are marrying off, please remember this. Dont leave me......
  • 13. Ive done this kinda thing on my blog few years ago. Titled 13++ things about me. Was supposed to write 25, i wrote 50.
  • 14. The age I first had a crush. Funnily, he's someone I knew since I was a kid. Our parents worked with each other 
  • 15. My guilty pleasure is, reading Malay novels.
  • 16. I send email feedbacks to publisher/editors of Malay novel for their typo and grammatical errors.
  • 17. I rarely cuss in Malay. Super rare. Melainkan dengan kawan fefonen.
  • 18. If I were to have all my bff/close girlfriends to be my bridesmaids, I'll beat Katherine Heigel's bridesmaids queue in 27 Dresses.
  • 19. The age I first had a boyfriend 
  • 20. I miss reading the writings of the people I am tagging.

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