Bali Birthday Trip: Last Day aka Culture Day


Let's finish this off! Then I can get started on Chagar Hutang post.

On the final day of our Bali trip, we decided to go and experience a little bit of their culture. Lets face it, Bali is super rich with culture and we didnt even touch the tip of it.

This is the only morning the boys didnt go for a swim. Everyone were high (on food) the night before, but I did! The joy of being able to hog the pool to myself!

Our first stop was, to the craft centre. Bought some as souvenirs, and then to the botanic garden of some sort to try kopi luwak and all these different type of coffee and tea. Gratisssss! We love free things!


Had lunch dekat mana eh? Dah tak ingat. Kintamani I think. The view was supposed to be great. But it was all misty and cold and mysterious for us. We met Linda Onn there. A fellow Malaysian. LOL.

Next, shopping time!!! To Ubud we go. This place is famous for their arts and craft and all those nick nacks that were quite heavy and bulky to bring back once you start shopping because you didnt realise you've actually bought for the whole of Kuala Lumpur. I kid you not!

Ain and I bought a few heavy bowls for our mums/as wedding gifts. And then when we got to Malaysia, some broke. Hati juga patah ketika itu. Almost at the same time we thought to ourselves, why the hell do we not just buy dream catchers which are so pretty and not at all costly - as gifts? Kicked ourselves in the butt until today still. This tiedye store, I found SELEPAS dah habis duit shopping kat Pasar Ubud. Padahal cross jalan je dah boleh sampai. Menetes I! Takpelah next time, InsyaAllah!

I want to show you the view of Ubud, Unlike Kuta, Legian, Lovina, Seminyak, Uluwatu and Nusa Dua which is near to the beach or has the view of the sea, Ubud's view is....sawah padi!

It's quite calming. I wouldn't mind going back and staying in Ubud the next time. And to make sure I go for hours and hours of spa. Bukan macam haritu. Terkejar-kejar, so Ain and I only got to go for an hour of massage at Mustika Ratu - inside the mall while the boys went shopping. Still great though.

You've been great Bali. I look forward to go back there.

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