Still a girl afterall...


When I first started work, I had bad sense of dressing. It was that transition from the carefree college girl to a corporate woman. But actually inside, (even now) Im just a tomboy in my own comfortable skin.

My dad, saw this as an alarming sign. So one night during our usual supper date he told me "each month, keep aside some money for you to buy clothes. Allocate some for your wardrobe. You need to dress better". I didn't had enough then. So there wasn't much for me to work on.

Now, I gotta say Alhamdulillah. I may not be drop dead gorgeous but can laaaa hide that tomboy when needed. Thank you for your advice Abah! But I didn't know that I will be (almost) addicted to buying things I look pretty in. Girls..

Disclaimer: this post appeared to sooth my guilt for impulsively purchasing a super cantik pants that I dont actually need but totally have fallen in love with.

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