Salam Aidilfitri 1435


Of late I realised I prefer to be a bit more reclusive than the extrovert that I am. Dah penat being surrounded by stupid people who talk without thinking. I am temperamental, I am easily angered. Jadi sebelum I accidentally on purpose shoot down tell off orang tak pasal-pasal, I'll just shut myself out.

Keep negativities out and just be happy within my circle. That does not mean I don't owe people apologies. To all that I have hurt and wronged unintentionally, forgive me. And for those that took offence from what I said and did, my sincere apologies.

Lets start over and just spread love.
Dunia tak lama dah. Masa tak panjang nak breed hatred and then try to make amends. Maka lebih eloklah kita tak sediakan ruang untuk perasaan tak best. Kalau wujud jugak, maybe you should just leave the person. Seriously.

Forgive, be forgiven and stay away.

* * * * * * * * *
Enough about that! Marilah kita menikmati keriuhan dan kekecohan ABCB di White House, Pekan, Pahang. (And also my shameless promotion through ootd shots)

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