Best Man


I have many girlfriends.
Some within the same gang.
Some solo.
Some from school.
Some from college.
Many from university.
Some from work.
Some, have the same blood running in our veins.

All these girls, I see them as those I am close to. People I care about. Those I make effort to be at their weddings, to help, to assist.

But I don't know how many will do the same for me.
How many will come to my house the day before, to run errands.
To be at home and assume the role of my sisters that I never had.

There's too many for me to ask to be my Dulang Girls/Bridesmaids when come the time. So I come up with a plan. Instead of having my girls to be my dutiful dulang girls and bridesmaids, maybe...just maybe - I should get their husbands to do it instead.

If I am important enough to your (pregnant) wife, you will be willing to be my best man. Or they will arm twist you to do it. Only then I will know who values me kan?

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  1. Im sure when your day comes, you will be blessed with so many people whom you have touched their life. Your have beautiful soul and very much blessed with all the love within you and around you. Take care :)


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