Bali Birthday Trip - Day 2 aka Beach Day!


I owe this to myself to have it written. But first, let me refresh what I did on the second day.

Please know at this point of time Im actually just forcing myself. I don't remember all details but daymn it was awesome! We spent the morning - as usual - in the pool. Then head out from the hotel to eat at Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika. Its like nasi campur place here in Malaysia, except that all the food bersambal pedas. Imagine how many bottles of Teh Botol we had.

Habis berlendir hidung, merah muka masing-masing tahan pedas.

Next, walaupun perut penuh we need to fully utilise the time we had. So to Tanjung Nusa Dua we go! Water sports activities were the agenda. There, we were attended by a sales person of some sort in batik shirt. Im not sure he's from the resort or the water sports service provider. But he gave us a good rate. Sebab katanya kita dari rumpun yang sama. Sambil cakap perlahan, mat salleh memang tourist rate lah.

We paid RM150 for flying fish + hours of snorkelling + visit to Turtle Beach. A bargain I must say. And super fun! Just that, you guys need to prepare extra cash lah. If you tip well, they treat you well. And also, just take your cash with you. In the middle of the sea, the boat drivers can offer additional ride at a different cost. Some also sold us board shorts on the boat. Secretly of course.

Balik tu semua agak kelaparan tapi kitorang tak pergi makan. I love this bunch weh. Tak complain langsung bab lapar. Main redahhhhh je. Sebab semua tempat jauh-jauh tau. And our driver pun jenis elok bab timing semua. Dialah tukang remind. Dari Nusa Dua - terusssssssss ke Uluwatu. More than enough time to sight see at the temple and to get good seats for beautiful sunset and wonderful Kechak performance.


For dinner, of course we couldn't miss the infamous Jimbaran. Sumpah I would totally comeback to Bali just for this. Kalau tak dapat yang lain tu takpe tapi Jimbaran KENA pergi lagi. It was already dark when we got there so pictures cannot do any justice to the place. I can't say it was beautiful but the atmosphere, marvellous!

Seafood restaurant the whole stretch just pick any. Semua above average. Takdelah murah. Tapi makan puas. Yang buat bertambah best gila is the fact that the dining tables are on the beach! Feet dipped in the sand. Tapi pasir tak masuk mulut pun. Serious best! Sementara tunggu our food we all jalan2 dulu. Dah nama pun dekat beach kan.

Kat beach tu ada pakcik jual jagung bakar. Surrounding dia memang best lah! Food was good too. We paid around RM60 per head. Tapi memang feast fit for a king. Sotong, ikan, oyster, udang. Typing this makes me wanna go back right this instance!

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped by Hard Rock Cafe to you know - not miss out. So snap a few pics and got stranded, waiting for our supir coz he went to buy that legal fungus that may or may not create temporary hallucination to the consumer. And none of us had an Indonesian simcard. Go get one OK when you travel. I came back with phone bill aMOUNTing to RM500 plus.

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  1. Hah! Nak cakap I dengan Ya selalu complain lapar lah tu!


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