Itchy fingers


Helloooo! Dah lama gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tak bukak Blogger.
No wonder my hands are itching to write something.

Where to begin? Let's talk about my journey so far since graduation. It's been a year since I left Penang it seems. I don't remember which friends and I were talking about our achievements post-graduation. But what triggered it was the fact that our juniors are now venturing into the career world too.

In the past year, I have :-

  • been working for 2 companies.
  • owned 2 cars (hahaha sounds like Im making bucks huh? I wish!)
  • upgraded my phone twice (due to carelessness)
  • been labelled as spoilt, overseas graduated, Melayu perasan from a rich family with money to throw
  • Had some rowdy nights (for work okay, I'll tell you more later)
  • been blessed with positive work environment and awesome colleagues and of course cool bosses
  • attended friend's weddings, A LOT of weddings! And meet old friends again!
  • but alas, still no man in my life.
So far Im loving the place I'm working at. Our office is in an old building but they gave free parking space. Fun people, positive environment, cool bosses. Stable company, they pay well. They give yearly bonus and increment. There will be a company trip every year. And since we do trade exhibitions, I still get to meet people and get out of the office. Not as much as the old job, but just the right amount!

Here, I'm the Marketing Communications Exec. We are made up of 6 fun loving ladies, just as loud and cuckoo as I am! (If not more). I love the fact that they are so easy to accept me. Very accepting people. And so tolerating. They can layan my craziness and emotional behaviour. And they are all older than me!

Our office has a lot of parties! Not for other people (unlike there which I shouldn't directly mention), but for us! For every exhibition, we will have a teardown dinner. To celebrate the success of the show. And there's exhibitors parties held for our exhibitors during the respective shows. And because most of the staff here have been working for long long time, the company celebrate their service by organising anniversary parties! I will be attending MW's 25th year anniversary this Friday! The longest serving staff of MES  =)

There's 1 particular party I'm looking forward to. The Christmas party. Ohohoho! I've seen pictures of the previous Christmas gatherings, it looks super fun! There will be themes for people to dress up to, and the newest addition to the company will be ragged! In this case, it will be me. Itu je yang tak berapa. Nervous sikit.

Oh oh! Still about work, next week will be our evaluation week. Im scared! Never been evaluated before. This will be my first time. EVER! And to make matters worst, I just had a screw up last week. CRYYYYYYY! Boss, please be kind to me. I will try to be better. Its a learning process for me. Please please don't pull back your decision to give me a raise. If you haven't decide on that, please do so. I think you should. Hehehehe.

The Sales & Operations Team and our boss

From left, my Manager, my Director of Marketing and my GM

The people of MES!

Here's some pics from OGA Exhibitors' Nite

And Najah! We spent some time at OGA. 
Now both work for different companies and definitely happier =)

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