In the span of 3 years


A year ago around this time, I finished my degree. Or maybe I was doing last minute revision for my final exam, final year. Maybe I was cleaning up my room in CG and packing my bags, leaving Penang.

2 years ago around this time, I was an intern at Bates 141. Or maybe I was working at Julita Ilhani & Co, bored of the 4 months holiday, terribly missing Penang and missing muka-muka cantik, awesome dan gorgeous I study with.

3 years ago around this time, I was giddy and excited, preparing my things to start my degree in USM. Little that I know that will be my most depressing Ramadhan. I often break fast alone in my room, while watching The Big Bang Theory.

I miss every single thing I experienced in USM, Penang. Except the lonely Ramadhan.

Never had or want another like that again! Ramadhan is 2 days away and I hope to have a sincerely blessed, sin detoxing, weight decreasing, pahala lifting month. InsyaAllah!

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