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The selected word was given by @Fadz_Johanabas aka Mo, a doctor who writes to save himself from drowning in his own passion for literature.

Discombulate means confuse. Which I am right now because I was set to write about curiousity as suggested by Ema. Hers was the first reply I got. I actually wanted to tell you guys about Coca-Cola marketing strategy for Vanilla Coke when it was first introduced in 2002 or 2003. Their tagline was "Feed Your Curiosity"

I remember that night Kak Lina, Abang Ayis, Abang E and I went to KLCC to watch Gothika. When we entered the cinema there were a few people who looked busy and one was holding a flash card. In the dark. Can't recall if I actually manage to read what was written. Anyways, the advertisements and trailers started, followed by Vanilla Coke advert which ended with a red screen with words stating CHECK UNDER YOUR SEAT! i heard whispers and buzzing sound all around, i guess the audience were not entirely sure if they should do it. Maybe its the fear of looking stupid that stopped them. I didnt actually checked, i just brave myself to put my hand under the seat and I touched something cold and wet. They gave us a can of vanilla coke! That was a really cool marketing strategy. Gave me a lasting impact. Wonder why I never blog about it before.

Okay! I think I managed to confuse myself more now since I've been writing about Vanilla Coke rather than a story related to the word discombobulate. Ahhh I have the perfect thing story for this.

I am hopeless and most unreliable when it comes to directions. Seriously, I am a total failure at giving directions, reading maps/GPS and memorizing roads. In short, I SUCK! I live in Keramat. Just last night after a lepak session in Wangsa Maju, I told Syafiq to take a left turn at a junction to 'get home'. He said we should just go straight. Guess where we are heading? Back to Wangsa Maju. I can totally qualify as a dumb blond if people bleach my hair before asking for directions. Heh!

I hate giving directions and I feel so pressured if people expect me to give directions. I may know the place and what is near to it, but damn! I can never remember how to get there. I dream of joining Amazing Race or those treasure hunt challenge but I really should have a partner/team members who are patient and has a GPS like memory. I will only be great help in getting us disoriented from the course. And then we will all be discombobulated!

Eh so fun lah the word. Like bamboozled! Ooooh I wish I can actually play that game. FRIENDS made it sound so fun. Just so you know bamboozle is a synonym for discombobulate. Really!

Sorry, just had to do it.

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