Overthinking will eventually lead you to nothing.


I posted that on FB yesterday's morning. Its not about something that has happened. Its about something that might or might not happen which is quickly turning into something that must not happen.

You see when there is one who you are comfortable and compatible, and spiced up by the why nots from people around you, you tend to think the what ifs. So I thought of the what ifs and I posted that to take into consideration what the general thought of friends who went further and going back to friends.

Based on that, I don't think I can do it. I woukln't do it. I couldn't. We are not Ted and Robin. Or Rachel and Ross. Or Danny and Mary. Or Penny and Leonard. You get the drift. Its hard to stay friends after things happened, after you weren't friends for a while. Because you were something more. So I rather not.

I look for security, comfort and trust. I found two out of three but I don't want to lose that one friend.

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