30 days challenge challenge



I wanted to start a 30days challenge on top of my fasting for 30 days challenge. But then yesterday, I got distracted by Pinterest (courtesy of Kak Lisha) and 2PM, the awesome, hot looking 5 boys band. And because of that, blog post ni terabai. So ni attempt kedua tulis.
Disclaimer: i am not NOT a fangirl!

Okay sorry! Was distracted watching 2PM's latest music video Hands Up. I googled their website to link it and found this other version, so terstuck sekejap. Nah! Cuba try test tengok.

Pinterest! Its about pinning your interest. I love it! Its like tumblr, only BETTER because we can arrange it according to categories. Its like having multiple pinboards. Love it! Here's mine. 

It seems the people on Pinterest are adults, more serious art people as oppose to the kids and sexually inclined art people on Tumblr. I feel safer on Pinterest. If you want to have your own, request for invitation! 

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  1. "sexually inclined art people" HAHAHHAHAHA


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