I've got it!


Remember that compact SLR, Nikon P80 yang menggugat iman dan kewangan itu?
I got it. Hey!!! happy early birthday Hani! =))))

Tadi ke Sungai Wang browse2 dengan Abah, haggle2 dan berpuas hati. Hehehe
Pulang KL awal pagi tadi dan ponteng kelas RTW semata-mata sebab P80. Hmm =)

Otw ke Sungai Wang tetibe dapat satu lagi session heart-to-heart dengan Abah.
Conclusion from him: "You run your own life, what you do ikut judgement sendiri. tak payah nak fikirkan orang lain. Who is running who's life? As far as im concern all these friends you keep thinking about, f**k them. U want something go ahead. Jangan in future you regret. If you lose sumthing because of your concern towards those around you, you will lose alot of sleep. "

Aih! I have to decide. I have all the time but time doesn't wait for me. Opportunity doesn't rise daily.

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