I have decided.

I'm 27, it's time I do things for myself. No more trying to please people around me. Try to jaga hati a lot of people.

I have made progress. I learn to cut of toxic relationship. I untangle myself from unworthy friendships and I stopped making efforts to those who dont deserve my time.

So for the most part, I managed.

Only this bit right here. Which I have been holding on for the past 2 years. 2 damn years.

And the progress is so slow, the tortoise AND the rabbit both crossed the finishing line already.

I don't have time anymore. I want to commit but not to someone who is unsure. I have made it known, and still no decision anywhere.

Neither here nor there.

I got it wrong all this while. I can't cut you off,  you're never there for me to cut off.

I should cut myself off.

That's it.

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