13++ things I want for myself before I turn 30


This place needs a lot of dusting! I've been wanting to be back but daily, I seem to prefer to waste my time staring at my phone screen.

Why the sudden decision to blog? I need to find writing mood as I have a 4 page write-up that I need to deliver tomorrow. Article will be about Black Sea tourism. A lot of imagination needed and also good flair in lifestyle writing.

Which sad to say, if soooo rusty on my end. 

Anyways, 2015 was a tough year. And 2016 to me is a teacher. I experienced many things and learned so much more about myself. I have 3 years before I turn 30. I will always continue working on myself so this is my reminder to myself.

  1. To make peace with my decision to stay despite receiving an offer.
  2. To not be a coward and push through Masters application.
  3. To make time for the family. 
  4. To stay home more.
  5. To do my laundry weekly.
  6. To pray. Do all 5 daily, and solat Dhuha before I leave for work.
  7. To speak nicely to others especially those I am not fond of - because I know I need a lot of work on this.
  8. To be emotionally tougher.
  9. To make amends with people who have hurt me.
  10. To continue with social media detox.
  11. To be selective with whom I invest my efforts to.
  12. To know when to let go.
  13. To quit bad habits.
  14. To find the right listener - the one I can depend on.
  15. To fulfill some expectations.
  16. To manage finances better.
  17. To sedekah to and on behalf of Adik more.
  18. To appreciate those who want to be in my life.
  19. To wander more and wonder less.
  20. To be happy.

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