Doing things for yourself


I have this exact image printed and pasted on my office cubicle panel. Right next to me. As a constant reminder to be baik. So far I'm able to live according to the suggestions and feel proud that I managed to tick many from the liste.

I am having problem with number 9, trying really hard with number 20 and have no control with number 1.

Just thought of sharing this with my readers - if I still have any. Do things that make you feel good, once you get that inner peace, everything else just comes to you.

For me, alhamdulillah. I really have to thank Allah. Of late, I felt that apa I nak, semua dapat. What ever I asked for, I get it. I now see that by being appreciative, things become easier for me.

How do I put it? Maybe when I was younger, I asked for too much and had no patience. Now, because I learned to let go, to not expect too much, apa yang dapat I terima dan syukur.

And I have to share something. I am a believer of sedekah. Have always been but recently, got strengthen even more. I read a story about someone who felt that his 10k salary never being enough compared to his previous salary which was so much lesser. His solution? To make sure he gives out 10% of his salary monthly as sedekah. The problem never occurred again. There's always money, alhamdulillah.

My story. After reading that, I thought OK maybe I should give out more. Every time I visit my brother's grave I will allocate some amount for the donation box. The advice given was, give out the bigger amount and not your loose change. So that day, I gave the biggest note I had.

Alhamdulillah, to this day I still have cash for daily usage. Usually at the end of the month my wallet will be dried out already. This month I'm doing quite fine. And that is inclusive of travelling. MasyaAllah.

I am still striving to be better. I hope I can give more in future insyAllah in return I will benefit more.

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