Bachelorette Parties!


Yeah you saw that right!
Until the end of 2013, I have organised at least 4 and attended 5 bachelorette parties for my girlfriends who were then getting married.

First we started with Nora. Which we kidnapped to some of the Timah's apartment in Shah Alam.
Theme is pink!

Next was a surprise party for Shara in Subang organised by Beep. A simple karaoke night turned clubbing atmosphere with Timah. Themed red and black.

And then comes Ya's first hen party with schoolmates at Cupcake Chapter. We planned to wear pastel colours but....ok lah maybe it did happen. Ya was also one of the coordinator for the party.

A week later, I had a surprise gathering of Timah to celebrate Ya getting married. See how much I love this girl sampai ada 2 parties? Asked them to come in pyjama/baju tidur since it was suppose to be a slumber party. But most just came back from work and classes so everyone came with oily faces.

The final one we had was for Katie. She was already married when this happened. But her reception haven't took place yet at that time. So technically the hen party is still valid. All of us came dressed in black and put on red lipstick for a sexay feel.

Whoa. That was a lot. This year a few more is still due. 3 weddings in June - which means hen parties for Lily, E and Erin. Then for Kecik who's getting married in October and in shaa Allah Phia.

Can I retire from organising please?

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