Dua Ribu Empat Belas


I vow (OK beria sangat bunyinya, let's subdue it) to try to travel every year in November during my birthday week to a place I've never ventured into with friends/selected family members/acquaintance.

I did Bali last year. I plan to do Japan this year. In shaa Allah.

I have 2 plans already this year which I hope I will be able to realise. All these years, I have always believed that if I say something about a plan, or reveal it before time is due...then it will never happen.

That should stop. We humans, plan. Execution is in God's will. Just hope for the best. If He thinks its best for you to go, the time is right, the it will happen. Kun faya kun.

I've been wanting to go to Korea. Planned it last year. Didn't happen. He may said, not yet.
Takpe, the time will come.

I need to be brave if I want to materialise that plan to go backpacking to a few countries. So I will be brave.
I will start by listing the countries/places I plan to visit in 2014 & 2015 in my blog. Even if Im paranoid about jinxing it.

Allah knows best. If it's right for me, I will be there. With His blessings.

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